Step 1 

Why Troubleshoot? 

Save time and money by troubleshooting first instead of requesting service.

Step 2

Diagnostic Tools

Refer to the diagrams to pinpoint the issue and resolve it accordingly.

​Step 3

Data Send

Log in to the Bolt App and forward battery data to Bolt for further assessment.

Step 4

File a Claim

If the problem persists after completing steps 1-3, please submit a service ticket.

STEP​​ 1

Why Troubleshoot? 

Thank you for choosing our Troubleshooting guide. We are excited to present you with three comprehensive stages of troubleshooting tips that will empower you to uncover the root causes of any issues you may be facing with your product. By following our expert guidance, you can swiftly resolve the problem and avoid unnecessary charges, such as labor, freight, and service calls, which are not covered under Bolt's generous 10-year warranty policy. 

The information you provide is instrumental in enabling our rapid response team to promptly and efficiently address your submission. Your active participation significantly enhances the speed at which we can effectively resolve any potential issues and ensures a timely resolution. 

Let's get you back on track without any additional hassle or expenses!


Diagnostic Tools

36V Charger Diagram 

Click here to download the Charger Diagram

48V Charger Diagram

Click here to download the Charger Diagram.

72V Charger Diagram

Click here to download the Charger Diagram

Lithium Battery Diagram

Click here to download the Battery Diagram

Bluetooth Dongle Troubleshooting Diagram

Click here to download the Bluetooth Diagram.


App Install and Data Send 

Click here download the 

Install Diagram

Firmware Update 

Click here to download the Firmware Update instructions.

Firmware Update


Submit Service Request.